Tuesday, December 25

Have an AMAZING christmas ! Love, Anne
pic/edited by me

Monday, October 8

ROOM INSPIRARION I really like re-decorating my room. So I thought 'let's show would the result. Hope you like it. Love, Anne.

Monday, September 3

INSPIRATION: Oh dear, we all want something to own from Celine. Don't we ? The handbags and the sunglasses are just amazing. But I think we can only dream about bags like this :)
Sorry I didn't post last week. School started so that's my excuse ;) But there will be some pictures up on the blog from my new decorated room.. so stay tuned !
pictures: Afterdrk, 4th and bleeker, fashionsquad, & tumblr.

Saturday, August 11

Pic/Me & My Dad

Sunday, August 5

We need some inspiration, don't we ? Next post will be going about my China trip part 2. So stay tuned..!! :)
Pics/ Tumblr.LizaChloe.RushMagazine.4th&Bleeker.

Wednesday, August 1

So I'm back from China..!! It was amazing, and I would never forget this trip. I have seen so much. It's so different than the western world, but that's not in a bad way. There are so many photo's to share, here is the first part. I was not able to blog in China unfortunately, because they blocked blogger & also Twitter and Facebook. Weird isn't it ? 
Pic/Me and my dad.

Saturday, July 14

Tomorrow I'm flying to China. I'm really excited for this trip. It's a once in a life time trip. The first stop is Beijing, than Shanghai, than Xiamen, and at least Hainan (A tropical island to relax). Don't know if I have time to blog. But there will be definitely some pictures shown on the blog. Love, Anne
Pic/ Chicmuse