Thursday, April 21

All my favorite blogs, models, style icones ,movies and more, in one post.
 The French girl Margaux Lonnberg (The Killing Moon), she has just an amazing style. I really like her natural style. 

And my all time favorite Rumi Neely from FashionToast. Who doesn't know her blog ? I really like the combination of the beautiful pictures and the most fashionable outfits. My favorite post on her blog are the dairy post from New York and many more city's. 
Lara stone. Proud that she is a dutch girl. Love her not-to-perfect face. Just a classic beauty. (Like the editorial in self service magazine)
Daphne Groenveld. She had also the same thing like Lara has, she also have a not-to-perfect face. She is young and fresh.

Really like this grafific of Lykke Li. All the photo's on her albums are so beautiful !

Found this picture on a random blog (I can't remember the name of the blog, sorry) 
Fav I took.
If you ask me 'What is your favorite picture you've ever took ?' I don't know. But this is one of my favorite. Like the hair and the colors in the picture.

The colors and the hair 'make' the picture.
My all time favorite movies are Dear John and The Notebook. Who doesn't love romantic drama movies.
Spending the boring times with...
Photo booth ! Making pics with photobooth with friends and myself ;)

Hope you like this kind of post. Just say what you think about it.
Love Anne.


  1. Super leuk allemaal in één post!
    Ik vind daphne groeneveld ook echt een van de beste modellen.
    & leuke foto van jezelf!

  2. Ik vind het leuk! Het laat zien wat jij leuk vind, en dat is top!

  3. the notebook <3 love your blog, pictures are so inspiring!

  4. wow, wat een geweldige post <3 love your blog