Sunday, September 18

So finally a new blogpost. This blog is all about the make up. I think not only clothes make your look but also your make up. It give's you that little extra. My Favorite make up look is the No Make Up look. Just a very nice skin with nothing to much.

Now the things that I use: For my face I'm using the Studio Sculpt foundation from MAC (Color nc15, the lightest one because I'm pale) I would totally recommend this foundation for everyone. I don't have perfect skin and if I'm using it is a lot better. I can't find good foundations for me at the drugstore (from L'oreal or something) because the color of it is always to orange or dark. And the nc15 from MAC is the perfect color for me. I think if your skin looks good, your hole make-up look looks nice. I'm also using the concealer from MAC in nc15 for stupid red areas.

For some color in my face I use the cream blush from MAC (Again, I'm a MAC junkie ;) in color lady blush.

On the eye's I only use brown mascara. I love the one from Sephora.

On the lips I use the Sephora lipgloss in color Rock Candy (8) and also the lip conditioner from MAC and the Rosebud Salve

Hope you like this post :) Love, Anne


  1. Hi!
    I Love your blog!
    Waar heb je dat makeup tasje/clutch gekocht? Hij is zo leuk
    Wil je ook eens kijken op mijn blog?

  2. leuk om te zien wat voor make up je gebruikt en hebt!
    ik vind zelf de no make up look ook het mooist! en dan met een knallend glosskleurtje,


  3. Leuke blog! Jammer dat je niet vaker post;).
    Bekijk ook eens mijn blog;


  4. @Anouk. Het makeup tasje is van Rika. En heb hem in de sale gekocht. hier is de website: :)